<h3>Campus Buildings</h3>There are currently 3 buildings on campus that you should know about. <img src="http://group2-twine.neocities.org/images/floorexplain1.jpg" alt="Floor Explanation image" width="250" align="right"> [[Administration Building]] [[Eliades Hall]] [[Hamel Hall]] The 4th building is currently under construction. When completed, this building will provide specialized space for engineering classes, an outdoor classroom and learning lab, a black box teaching theatre, a music room, a recording studio, computer labs, classrooms, faculty offices, student services offices, fitness and dance classrooms, and a small café. <img src="http://group2-twine.neocities.org/images/newbuilding.jpg" alt"4th Building image" width="375"><h3>Administration Building</h3><img src="http://group2-twine.neocities.org/images/admin.jpg" alt="Adminstration Building image" width="425"> ''Administrative Offices:'' Dean of Students President Vice President ''Admissions and Records Office:'' 1st Floor Admission Requirements Graduation Application Obtain your [[Student ID number]] Register for Classes Transcript Requests <img src="http://group2-twine.neocities.org/images/records.jpg" alt="Admissions & Records Office image" width="375"> ''Business Office:'' 1st Floor Learn about Tuition Payment Plan Pay Tuition and Fees Pick up a [[Parking]] Tag <img src="http://group2-twine.neocities.org/images/business.jpg" alt="Business office image" width="375"> ''Counseling:'' Academic counseling/advising Career assessment Declaring a major Student job board ''Human Resources'' ''Military & Veterans Education Office'' ''Security Desk:'' 1st Floor Atrium [[Back]] to main menu.<h3>Eliades Hall</h3><img src="http://group2-twine.neocities.org/images/eliades1.jpg" alt="Eliades Hall image" width=425> ''Classrooms and Advisors:'' Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences ''Financial Aid Office:'' 1st Floor <img src="http://group2-twine.neocities.org/images/financialaid.jpg" alt="Financial Aid Office image" width="375"> ''Student Success Center/Writing Center:'' 2nd Floor Cover letter and Resume writing assistance Essay writing assistance Tutoring <img src="http://group2-twine.neocities.org/images/successcenter1.jpg" alt="Student Sucess Center image" width="375"> ''Security Desk:'' 2nd Floor ''Testing Center:'' 1st Foor This is where you take placement tests or exams for online classes. <img src="http://group2-twine.neocities.org/images/testingcentersign.jpg" alt="Testing Center image" width="375"> [[Back]] to main menu.<h3>Hamel Hall</h3><img src="http://group2-twine.neocities.org/images/04hamelhall.jpg" alt="Hamel Hall image" width="450"> ''Bookstore:'' 1st Floor Books JTCC merchandise Supplies <img src="http://group2-twine.neocities.org/images/bookstore.jpg" alt="Bookstore image" width="375"> ''Classrooms and Advisors:'' Engineering, Business, Public Services, Math, Natural and Health Sciences. ''Library:'' 2nd Floor <img src="http://group2-twine.neocities.org/images/library.jpg" alt="Library image" width="375"> ''Office of Student Activities:'' 1st Floor Advises student leaders Distributes student IDs Plans campus student activities <img src="http://group2-twine.neocities.org/images/studentact.jpg" alt="Student Activities Office image" width="375"> ''Security Desk:'' 1st Floor ''Student Lounge Area:'' 1st Floor <img src="http://group2-twine.neocities.org/images/studentlounge.jpg" alt="Student Lounge Area image" width="450"> [[Back]] to main menu.<h3>Student ID number</h3> Your Student ID, sometimes referred to as your EmplID, can generally be found in your JTCC acceptance letter or in other additional JTCC information that has been mailed to you. You can also obtain this number at the Admissions and Records Office in the Administration Building. Get [[Help]] finding out what your Student ID number is. Your EmplID number is just numbers and no letters. <img src="http://group2-twine.neocities.org/images/emplidimage.jpg" alt="ID Card image" width="375"> Back to [[Administration Building]].<h3>HELP!</h3> For more help: 1. Visit <a href="http://jtcc.edu/mytylerhelp" target="_blank">http://jtcc.edu/mytylerhelp</a> 2. Email <a href="mailto:mytylerhelpdesk@jtcc.edu" target="_blank">mytylerhelpdesk@jtcc.edu</a> 3. Call (804) 706-5096. <h3>Student Login</h3>Your Student Login is an identification number, made up of letters and numbers, that is used in logging into Blackboard. This allows you to register for classes, send emails, and check your assignments. Go to <a href="http://jtcc.edu/mytyler" target="_blank">http://jtcc.edu/mytyler</a> Scroll to the bottom and click on ''Locate Username and Set Password''. Follow the prompts to figure out your login information. I need further [[Help]]. <img src="http://group2-twine.neocities.org/images/username.jpg" alt="Login image" width="625"> <h3>Parking</h3> There are two main lots to access Eliades and Hamel Hall: ''Parking Lot A, Parking Lot B,''and ''Parking Lot D''. <img src="http://group2-twine.neocities.org/images/parkmap.jpg" alt="JTCC Parking Lot image" width="500"> You can park anywhere you would like, just remember where you parked! ''Please note'' that a parking deck is being built next to the 4th building. [[Do I need a parking tag?]]<h3>Parking</h3>''Yes!'' You do need a parking tag. A parking tag can be picked up each semester at the Business Office window. Just make sure you know your Student ID number, your license plate, and the model of your vehicle. <img src="http://group2-twine.neocities.org/images/parkingpass.jpg" alt="Parking Tag image" width="375"> This tag is to be placed on the driver's side of the car on the back window. Students either place this tag directly on the outside of the glass or tape the pass on the inside of the glass. Back to [[Administration Building]].